Decentralizing science

Through disruptive distributed technologies such as Blockchain,
we both enable decentralization and relieve the pains of traditional
publication processes.

This is accomplished by providing a reputation
system of peer reviewers that will improve quality and ensure faster
reviews and distribution, helping editors, reviewers and authors.

A reviewers reputation network

With our distributed reputation system of reviewers,
we can help editors, reviewers and authors:

Editors and journals will be able to find the
best peer reviewers in their fields of interest, and those
that respond quickly. Thus reducing time-to-publish and
publishing costs.

Reviewers will finally have their work recognized.

Authors will be able to submit papers to
time-responsive, free, open access journals, and forget
about slow, unfair and unnacountable anonymous reviews.

Transparency and Openness

Once a strong network of reviewers is built, science
publication will be faster and peer-review process
transparent and accountable

A bright future for science

we aim to become the cornerstone of a new generation
of open distributed science publication systems.


Distributed Governance
Ethereum researcher
Designer and Illustrator
Cybersecurity Researcher


Faculty Associate,
Berkman Klein Center
at Harvard University
Spanish Asociation of Startups,
Tetuan Valley, Vicepresident
Associate Professor,
at Complutense Madrid University

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